OSP Verification

OSP Verifications

  • Company Desktop Verification

  • Company Site Verification

  • Individual Verifications

Each type of verification has distinct checks you can configure to meet your individual needs. Each also answers some of your critical questions about your new vendor. For example, is the vendor a legal business entity? Does the vendor, or its principals, have a criminal history or pending lawsuits? Has the vendor been barred from doing specific types of work? Are the vendor’s employees adequately licensed to perform work in the company? Where is the vendor located?

A vendor background check helps you to know more about prospective and existing vendors through targeted due diligence and verification. Hence, this gives you greater control over the screening criteria and the process used to vet. The verification process can confirm if a vendor has all the documentation and variable to perform work in your organization.

Whether you work with a small number of vendors or engage several vendors and contractors across multiple worksites and geographies, Onestop innovative systems can accommodate. It is a cloud-based technology configured to make ordering vendor background checks, downloading and reviewing reports, and exchanging e-disclosures and authorizations easy.