We answer the questions you ask
most commonly.

  • Employment Background Checks in 4 – 8 business days
  • Education History Verifications in 4 – 8 business days
  • Credit Check Verifications in 2 – 8 business days
  • Reference Check Verifications in 2 – 5 business days
  • Driving Record Abstracts in 2 – 6 business days
  • Pre-Employment Screening in 2 – 4 business days
  • Social Media Background Checks in 2 – 5 business days
  • All information received in the background investigation process will be maintained in  confidential, secured files, with restricted access to only those who need to know. Learn more about our privacy policy.
  • Background checks help create a safer and more efficient environment for employees and help you provide your customers with beter services.
  • To protect employees, volunteers, and assets, organizations must ensure that individuals assigned to specific positions have no history of criminal behavior relevant to their current role.
  • Consent forms with signatures
  • Photocopies of identification
  • A criminal history check is mandatory for all eligible positions, along with education or credential/licensing verifications.
  • Employment history verification checks are more common today than 15 years ago. Conducting  thorough and complete employment history verification can help ensure you’re hiring the most qualified candidates.
  • We highlight any discrepancies between resumes and the results of employment verification checks. Our complete background checks screen for costly past behaviors, such as theft, workplace violence, resume fraud, computer misuse, lawsuits, workman’s compensation fraud, and sexual harassment.
  • Background checks are essential in gauging a candidate’s work history and experience. When  going through the hiring process, a structured employment background check can give you insight from previous employers, an understanding you may not be able to glean from an individual’s resume.
  • Have your candidate complete a one-page consent form with the particular information you would like checked, upload it into your account, and get the results within 4 – 8 business days.
  • Fraud is not exclusive to the financial services industry. Your company has assets, customer lists,  information, intellectual property, and equipment. How would you manage the fallout if any of this information was compromised or sold to fraudsters or your competition?
  • A driver’s abstract will give you vital information about whom you are hiring. Since your drivers  are unsupervised, they jeopardize your company’s integrity every time they hit the road.
  • A proper background check, including a driver’s abstract, helps mitigate this risk. Past behavior can be a solid indicator of future behaviors. By knowing a person’s driving record, you can rest assured that you will have a smoothly running fleet.
  • In today’s global economy, a growing percentage of the workforce is internationally based. OSP provides international verifications for all its background checks, including education,  employment, and reference checks.