About Us

Who We Are

A global consulting partner elevating our clients with tailor-made solutions, every step of the way.

Some of the existing challenges in a business environment are mainly due to:

  • Lack of reliable and up to date business information and data, even in public domains
  • Little or no automation of data sources
  • The cultural trend towards non-transparent practices

As a result of these, businesses find it extremely difficult to execute standard due diligence checks that help to limit exposure to supply-chain risks.

Experienced and respected professionals established OSP to provide a wide array of value-added advisory services to its clients in risk management, strategic management, suppliers’ verification, ID verifications, and training.

OSP helps its customers win in their businesses by making risk management valuable. We listen, innovate, and provide unique solutions that give our customers tools to expand and uncover new opportunities. We build these solutions so our customers can focus on achieving their business goals.

Enterprises rely on our solutions to tap into valuable, relevant, and up-to-date insights that drive accelerated business growth.


We have innovative methods.

OSP constantly develop and challenge existing ways of working. Building and delivering innovative solutions with our ecosystem partners, market-tested project management methodologies to bridge the gap between innovation and business – all at reduced cost and maximum efficiency.

We draw on deep industry expertise.

With deep industries knowledge, we create value across our clients’ entire value chain, from strategy to implementation, deploying effective methodologies and in-depth market analysis to transform your business.

We are profoundly human.

First, we are people and deeply connected – with our clients, partners, and people. And we believe in the power of collaboration. There are no limits to our commitment to building a professional culture that accepts diversity of ideas, opinions, and interests

Our Core Values




CSR - Building beyond OSP

We have a responsibility to make a positive impact on
the community and environment around us. Our goal is
to build lasting partnerships with governments and
private organizations to drive social impact beyond our
services. Environmental sustainability, ethics and
compliance, and community-building are embraced in
our daily operations. Risk management consulting is
what we do, helping is who we are


OSP leadership team is
committed to operating with the
utmost integrity in building and
leading and organization
dedicated to the success of its
stakeholders. Onestop
procurement Is proud to have
leaders who are industry risk
and compliance experts with
proven experience developing
and delivering world-class
solutions to customers.


OSP partners are an extension of
our team, playing a key role in our
development and growth.
Together, we deliver risk and
compliance management solutions
that help our customers achieve
outstanding performance and
unparalleled control.